5 Quick Tips For Creating the Perfect Wedding Website



If you haven’t already created a wedding website, chances are it’s somewhere on your list of to-dos—they’ve become standard among engaged couples these days. We’ve seen “wedsites” (that’s what the cool kids are calling ’em) of all kinds floating around the web, but no matter how elaborate or simple of a design you choose, they all serve the same helpful purpose: to keep your guests in the loop about the details of your Big Day.

As wedsites have become more and more popular, it’s also easier than ever to build one without any major computer skills. There are so many services out there nowadays that make the process pretty foolproof; it’s just a matter of knowing what information (your engagement story, wedding date and location, hotel accommodations, etc.) is necessary to include.

To get you started on the right track, take a look at these five tips for creating a beautiful—and functional—wedding website. And remember: No need to get super fancy if you don’t want to; even the most basic of sites is sure to get your guests excited about the party.

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