Here’s What Information You Should Put On Your Wedding Website

Here's What Information You Should Put On Your Wedding Website


It used to be that only couples who were doing out-of-town weddings would set up a wedding website (or “wedsite,” if we’re being cute), but these days, pretty much everyone does it. And with good reason. It’s a good way to put all of the information for your wedding guests in one place where they can access it any time they have a question without sending you texts in the middle of your workday, and, you know, that cute thing again. It’s just fun to do.

That said, sometimes, it’s kind of hard to know where to start or what all, exactly, should go on there—and we recently saw a piece that breaks down pretty well all that information for you.

I agree with pretty much everything it’s got to say—especially the thing about not posting 47 albums of you and your groom on vacation; I mean, sorry, not relevant—except for the part about guests not needing to know how you met or how you got engaged. Sure, don’t go on for 10 scrollable pages or anything, but this is your wedding! The site is meant to be informative and cover logistics, yes, but even the guests who know those stories front and back will get a smile out of reading them in your words, and many guests probably won’t have heard one or either before. It might not end up looking like this, or anything—but totally go ahead with that.

How did you and your groom decide what info you’d put on your wedsite? Did you go the bare minimum for pure functionality’s sake, or go all out?

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