The 10 Commandments of DIY-ing Your Wedding Decor



As you already know, we have a bit of a love-hate relationship with the concept of DIY-ing your wedding: Obviously there are plenty of brides out there who are super crafty and fully capable of recreating something you’d see on Pinterest, but more often than not, choosing to DIY a whole buncha stuff for your wedding turns out to be a much greater undertaking than you bargained for.

If you’re still determined to try your hand at floral arranging or favor making, do yourself a solid and do a little research. Before embarking on a massive project, you’ll want to have a clear understanding of the time, money and effort it’s going to take to get it all done. (Wedding planning is time-consuming enough, and DIY projects usually take longer to complete than expected).

Start with these 10 commandments of DIY wedding decor, which break down all of the main points you need to know before heading to the craft store. The rules are simple, but they’ll definitely help you decide whether or not your project is better left to the professionals.

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