10 Websites to Buy Sweets for Your Bridal Shower Favors or Wedding-Day Candy Bar 



So somehow or another, I rabbit-holed myself onto a website earlier this week—that of Sugarfina, a Beverly Hills-based candy shop—and well, I basically haven’t closed it yet. I want everything.

The packaging and the candies themselves are so pretty, they lend themselves perfectly to gifts—and surprise surprise, I immediately thought of bridal shower favors. Then I thought of candy bars at weddings and how they are still so fun and pretty and … well, basically, my brain took me anywhere it could to find an excuse to start filling up my e-cart.

With all this candy on the brain, we thought we’d round up for you some really great sites where you can fill up your cart with candy for a legitimate purpose like a bridal shower or wedding. (Remember how it’s really not that hard to DIY your own candy bar for your wedding?) Depending on what you’re looking for, different sites will appeal to different people, so by all means, get clicking. Just make sure to brush.

  • Sugarfina: From gummy Champagne Bears to Robin’s Egg Caramels, these treats from all over the world are available in small packages or up to a five-pound bulk box, so they might lend themselves more to the favor variety of gifting. Well, that and because everything the offer is just so pretty, if that is a word that can be used to describe candy.
  • Candy Nation: This locally based business actually has a warehouse in Valley Forge where you can shop in person—but their site offers a bajillion options broken down by brand, type, color and theme.
  • Groovy Candy: This cool bulk site has a very helpful search-by-color function that makes coordinating candy with your wedding palette easy as well as an entire wedding tab that guides you through typical wedding treats and supplies.
  • The Sweet Life: This NYC-based shop that has been around since 1982 offers a wedding section with some of the most popular nuptial treats (champagne gumdrops, pastel jordan almonds) and is priced by the pound so you can buy as much or as little as you like.
  • Candy Favorites: Here, they’ve got a cool build-a-buffet function that will walk you through how much candy you’ll need for your celebration and some great ways to set it up.
  • Dylan’s Candy Bar: The shop mostly sells in smaller packages online, so this is best for favors or little treats. Search fun categories like “novelty” and “nostalgic” to see what you can find.
  • Bulk Candy Store: The name pretty much speaks for itself here; if you can’t find it here, it might not actually exist.
  • Oh, Nuts! This site offers a wide variety of candy types available in bulk, plus some wedding novelty treats like a miniature, sugary bride and groom.
  • Sweet Factory: You’ve probably been in one of these shops at your favorite mall—but online, you can order in bulk, and they, too, offer a candy buffet game plan.
  • Candy Direct: This easy-to-search site offers tons of colors (including metallics) sold in large quantities for creating your own Big-Day spread.

Any other cool sites for candy-buying that you know of? Share in the comments!

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