How To DIY A Candy Buffet Bar For Your Wedding



We’re all for the bride who loves to DIY some special touches for her wedding—but mostly, we tend to limit this support to tasks that can be completed well before the wedding. Want to punch holes and tie pretty ribbon through your own programs? Grab a bottle of wine and some ‘maids and do it! Want to craft darling pocket squares for the groomsmen from that awesome vintage fabric you’ve had in your closet for a year? Sounds awesome!

But it’s when brides start talking about things that edge towards the day before or day of the wedding that we start to get nervous. When we hear a bride say that she is planning on “doing” her own flowers, we pretty much imagine her getting a flat tire on the way to the flower market that morning, cutting herself with shears as she’s trimming stems and the potential ER trip that would ensue, or even just less dramatic scenarios, like finding there weren’t enough gerbera daisies at the market for what she had planned—or that her arranging skills were not exactly up to the snuff of the centerpieces she had pictured in her head. It’s all bad, and it’s why we tend to encourage either the hiring of professionals when financially feasible for stuff like this—or at the very least, the delegating of such tasks to skilled and reliable friends and family.

But we’ve actually got an exception to that! It’s the candy bar. And while we would totally rescind our blessing if by “having a candy bar” a bride meant something way extravagant and over-the-top, if she just means a table with pretty glass jars filled with pretty, color-coordinated candies, we are on board. Candy can be bought in bulk ahead of time, glass jars can be bought ahead of time, and candy can be dumped into jars and jars placed on table without too much potential disaster.

That’s why we thought these were some great tips on DIY-ing a wedding candy buffet! From aesthetic advice to stuff to remember (the weather!) and helpful links for where to buy, it outlines how to successfully pull off this fun little touch for your guests yourself.

Just please don’t save it ’til the morning of.

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