12 Warnings About DIY-ing Your Wedding, As Told Through GIFs



Whenever I hear that a bride is going to DIY a whole buncha stuff for her wedding, I inevitably launch into concerned are-you-sure type questions. These usually determine two different things:

1) The bride is actually extremely creative, crafty, organized and determined, and she is going to knock it out of the park with whatever she whips up or builds or bakes or creates herself. 2) The bride has woefully misguided illusions of the level of creativity and craftiness and organization it takes to actually DIY a buncha stuff for her wedding. The type who looks at all kinds of gorgeousness on Pinterest, and for whatever reason, shrugs, “I can totally do that,” as if there’s nothing to being an immensely talented professional florist or invitation designer.

Whatever your motivation for being a DIY bride, this post, detailing all the things you should really, truly realize before you launch into full DIY bedlam, not only serves as some good real talk, but is also highly entertaining, thanks to its expression of points through GIFs. They truly illustrate the potential crazy that can happen in the months leading up to a DIY wedding—for you, and for the arm of wedding peons you assemble to help you.

It’s worth taking a look before you decide to tackle 300 favors yourself.

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