6 Signs That Planning Your Wedding Is Taking Over Your Life



We’ve preached quite a bit here at PW about how engaged couples should, even though we know it’s easier said than done, try their very best to not let planning their wedding take over their lives, or stress them out more than their full-time jobs ever have. It’s not that planning a party that big and an event that significant can’t do that to a girl—it certainly can—it’s just that ideally, it shouldn’t. Being married is what this is all about, after all, not just the one day.

But despite our and your best efforts, sometimes, we know, it all gets a little overwhelming. Hopefully, you’ve got a person close to you who can give you a reality check if you show up somewhere with a wedding to-do Post-it stuck to your forehead—but to help you realize all on your own if things are, perhaps, getting out of hand, we share this WeddingChannel.com list of signs that wedding-planning stress might be getting the best of you.

See yourself in any of them? We know. Deep breath.

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