Here Is a Beaded Wedding Gown That Weighs Almost 400 Pounds

Well, we have seen wedding dresses with world-record-breaking trains and dresses made from toilet paper and beautiful, inexpensive, crocheted-on-the-bus dresses—but I believe this might be the first time we’re seeing a wedding gown made completely from beads. No fabric.

As you can imagine, it is quite heavy. To the tune of 380-pounds heavy. Behold:

More ABC US news | ABC World News

As ABC News tells us, it took the designer over three years to complete this work of art, along with 23 other women, one million beads (nearly equally broken down into glass pearls and crystals), and over 20,000 hours of labor. Oh, and it’s a size 4.

Ha: and you thought you would need help peeing on your wedding day.

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