This Bride Crocheted Her $30 Wedding Dress While Commuting On the Bus 

If you are a talented crocheter, then you seriously need to pay attention to this. (And if you’re not—if you’re not even remotely crafty—then just prepare to be seriously impressed. I’m in your camp, by the way.)

This morning on Good Morning America, they did a quick spot on Seattle bride Chi Kreneta, an architect, who decided that she wanted all parts of her wedding—like architecture—to be both beautiful and practical, and set about crocheting her wedding dress during her daily commute on the bus. She normally crocheted scarves and hats, she figured, so why not?

The result is a seriously gorgeous wedding dress that cost her $30—all she needed was a slip to go underneath—that we can’t even get over. The silhouette is perfect! And what a special thing, to have made your own dress. (The bride also says it meant a lot to her because her late grandmother had taught her how to crochet, which is so sweet.) Take a look.

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Any of you crocheting brides out there going to take a stab at your own dress?

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