A Bride in China Now Holds the World Record for Longest Wedding-Dress Train (Because It’s Three Miles Long) 

And there it is. The longest train in existence. Screen grab from Yahoo UK.

And there it is. The longest train in existence. Screen grab from Yahoo UK.

I believe the first wedding-train record-breaker that I can recall in my bridal career was by a Romanian designer. That train was a measly 1.85 miles long. The next one was by an Italian designer.

And this one, well—I don’t actually know who designed it. But it was worn by a bride in China who, unlike the other ladies who wore those dresses just as models, will actually be dragging along about three miles of train behind her on her wedding day.

Jing Mei  and her groom Ye Yuan got all gussied up in their wedding garb for a pre-wedding photo shoot this week, and here are the results. The 3,000-meter train had to be stretched out across an entire field in the park where they took their photos, complete with 40 bridesmaids (though I’m not sure even that will be enough to help her go to the bathroom) and a handful of security guards to keep the train safe from snags along the way.

No info on who designed or made it (like, maybe she did?), but it does mention that it weighs more than 120 pounds (which actually looks like maybe more than she weighs?) and cost basically a year’s worth of pay to make. (Sad quote from the groom: “It is her day, so what she says goes.”) And it’s worth noting that while the other dresses were so dramatic and elaborate that it almost made sense their trains were that long, this one is quite simple—both the dress and the train. Casual, almost. It’s just gauzy and easy breezy.

All I know is, I want to see the wedding photos.

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