7 Tips for Avoiding Wedding Debt 



These days, more and more couples are paying for a large portion of their wedding celebrations, if not the entire thing, and because this frequently means that purse strings are being pulled even tighter than if parental funds were involved, many couples find themselves a little more in the red than they’d like to be once the party is over and it’s time to actually settle into married life.

It’s hard, though: While couples would, of course, rather not drain their savings and max out their credit cards as they begin a new life together, they also want to be able to throw a celebration that feels special—not like a birthday, not like an anniversary. Like a wedding.

That’s why, whenever we can share smart budget-managing advice, we do—and we thought this first-person piece about planning a wedding that didn’t set the couple up for financial ruin before they even boarded the plane for their honeymoon was definitely worth a read. I especially liked the fourth item—though I would modify “eye roll” to “forget.” Whenever I see a bride (usually a friend) spiraling out of control on a crazy (minor) detail, I remind them that not a single one of their guests will notice the difference, and that they should consider whatever the issue is settled and move onto something else. Paying a gazillion dollars extra for a split hair’s difference is not usually the best use of resources.

Take a look. It’s great been-there-done-that advice for those of you trying to navigate these planning waters right now.

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