5 Financial Tasks You and Your New Spouse Have to Tackle Once You’re Married

PW-couple financeWell, I might even say that a few of these things wouldn’t hurt to hash out before you tie the knot (who has what debt, for instance? Yeah, that is not a surprised best saved for after the wedding), but in general, this is a great list of things to take care of just as soon as you disembark from that glorious honeymoon and step right back into regular old married life.

HuffPo points out a few of the most pressing financial items you should take care of pretty much right around that time you make it official, and while yes, we realize that talking about your last will and testament doesn’t exactly sound romantic or as fun as choosing what photos will go in your wedding album, you have to do it all the same. Might as well knock these things off your list so you can get on with living happily ever after.

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