5 Money Discussions You Need to Have Before You Get Married



While you’re doing things like picking out the flowers that’ll dot the tables at your wedding celebration or the diamonds that you’ll wear on your finger for the rest of your life, we know it can be difficult to pay attention to decidedly less-fun things like finances—but when you consider that fighting about money is one of the main causes of divorce in this country, that is seriously scary. (And apparently, the earlier in your relationship that you start fighting about it, the worse news it is. Eek.)

What does that mean? Well, readers, it means that it’s something you definitely need to deal with before you walk down that aisle—and it means that it’s something we have definitely got to cover from time to time! That’s why we’re sharing this on-point piece from HuffPo on the five conversations you need to have about money—and managing it—before you get married. It’ll give you a great starting-off point for making sure you’re talking about the main things you need to talk about in order to have a humming, harmonious home once you get back from that ‘moon. Who knows, getting this stuff hammered out early might even save your marriage in the long run.

What other money-managing tips for a marriage or household do you have? What’s worked for you?

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