Here Are 5 Excellent Reasons to Not Do a ‘First Look’ On Your Wedding Day



Yes, yes, one thousand times, yes!

That was my reaction to what I am about to share with you, ladies and gentlemen—so much so, that I may have even said it out loud in my office.

I have told you all quite a few times before that personally—so we’re just talking me, here—I am not a fan of the First Look (to be henceforth know as the FL). Obviously, whatever fits your emotional satisfaction and scheduling logistics is exactly what you should do, and I have absolutely no doubt that you will be deliriously happy no matter what you opt for—but some people are for the FL and some people aren’t, and I’m not.

I realize, of course, that whenever the two of you see each other for the first time, it will be a surprise and filled with love and happiness (and I also am very aware of all the picture-taking schedule benefits the FL brings)—but I just think that nothing beats the context of that moment when one person sees the other at the top of the aisle as the ceremony starts, as friends and family are gathered around. And I think that nothing replaces it.

That’s the main reason for me, anyway—but I absolutely agree with all of the other reasons lined out in this piece about the benefits of skipping the FL and opting to see each other for the first time the old fashioned way. THEY ARE SO TRUE.

Either way, nothing beats pictures showing the expressions of a couple seeing each other for the first time on the day they get married, no matter how they do it. I think it might be the best moment of the whole thing.

What camp are you in? FL or old school? 

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