PHOTOS: 24 Grooms’ Reactions To Seeing Their Bride On Their Wedding Day

PHOTOS: 24 Grooms' Reactions To Seeing Their Bride On Their Wedding Day


Two things:

1) Watching the groom’s reaction when he sees the bride for the first time at the top of the aisle has always been my fave part of a wedding. Like, since I was little. (And I was so annoyed when Katherine Heigl’s Jane—and then James Marsden’s Kevin—both declared that to be their favorite part of a wedding in 27 Dresses. I am a real, non-fictitious person, and I felt that way first.)

2) I am not a supporter of “the first look.”

I understand that whether the bride and groom see each other for the first time when she sneaks up behind him in some dramatic, deliberately appointed location or when she first appears at the top of the aisle, it’s all a surprise and it’s all emotional and it’s all special, and all that—but I just don’t think the context of the moment is the same, and I say nothing beats the context of that beginning-of-the-ceremony moment. Whether it’s that they’re surrounded by all their family and friends, or that the ceremony is about to start, or what, it’s just got a little more oomph, as far as I’m concerned.

That said, either way, the groom’s reaction is still one of the most wonderful parts of the whole shebang—I mean, brides are always thrilled to see their guys, too, but while they usually look extra handsome in their extra handsome wedding suits, they have seen them in a suit before, is the thing—and this roundup of grooms’ caught-on-camera reactions to seeing their brides for the first time just makes me love Buzzfeed even more than I already do for providing happy little two-minute-break-snippets in my afternoons. So please, take yours now, on us.

What are your feelings on the whole “first look” vs. waiting until the ceremony begins to see each other for the first time?

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