Ask the Expert: Do We Have to Provide Transportation From Our Reception to All Hotels Where Guests Are Staying? 



Q: Do we need to provide transportation to and from our reception for both hotels where we have guests staying? Or is it okay to just do so for the one at which most people are staying?

A: It’s gracious to provide transportation to and from the reception for all hotels at which you have room blocks, says planner Jillian McCleaf of Glenside’s Eventricity. The good news: As transportation is typically billed on a temporal basis, arranging for multiple stops likely won’t require any additional investment.

“But if you need to cut down on stops, trim from the route to the event; always have the returning vehicle stop at all hotels at the end of the night,” she says. “Your guests won’t mind heading over to the Ritz early for a cocktail while they wait for the pickup shuttle; however, they’re not going to be so keen on trudging back to their hotel in the dark in an unfamiliar city.”

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This article originally appeared in the fall/winter 2014 issue of Philadelphia Wedding.

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