So, Beyonce Totally Agrees With Us That Bridal Jumpsuits Are Cool 

What, this week, did my eyes behold, but pictures of Queen Bey wearing a bridal jumpsuit on stage at various concerts from her On the Run Tour! Behold yourself:

Here’s another.

After seeing them, I checked in with a few friends who went to the Philly performance back on the 5th, and after they discussed it to confirm recollections, I received this verdict: “Yes, she wore it first sitting down for that slow song, I forget—’Resentment’? (alleged Jay-Z cheating song)—and then went into standing/dancing for ‘Love on Top.’ He never cheated on her, though. Never ever cheated. Ever. They are the best couple in life, period.”

So, um, there you have it. As we declared when we first saw J.Crew’s bridal jumpsuit and surprisingly approved, and then again when it was declared by the Industry to be a thing, the bridal jumpsuit is shocking not only not terrible, but pretty awesome.

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