So Apparently, Bridal Jumpsuits Will Actually Be a Thing in 2014

Looks like I’m not the only one who openly welcomed J.Crew’s new bridal jumpsuit into the wedding fashion world with open arms!

Yesterday, I declared myself oddly enamored of the popular clothing brand’s one-piece wedding get-up—and then this morning, I watched as Good Morning America dedicated an entire segment to the bridal jumpsuit, spotlighted J.Crew’s and declared it glorious, and then called out a few other bridal designers who have also come out with their version of a bridal jumpsuit. And that’s how a trend is born!

So there you have it. The bridal jumpsuit is becoming a thing. Personally, I enjoy it very much as rehearsal dinner option (well, a cute one I enjoy; some I’ve seen do not carry that description)—some fashion foreshadowing for the next day, if you will—as opposed to an option for the main event itself, but like I said yesterday: For the right girl, for the right celebration, it could be just about perfect.

Check out the video here:

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