J.Crew Has a Bridal Jumpsuit In Its Spring/Summer 2014 Wedding Collection That I Am Oddly Okay With

J.Crew's Eyelash Lace bridal jumpsuit, available now for pre-order at jcrew.com.

J.Crew’s Eyelash Lace bridal jumpsuit, available now for pre-order at jcrew.com.

I have never liked jumpsuits. I think they skew either a little hooch or a little trying-too-hard; they just seem like one of those things that unless you’re an uber stylish, pocket-sized celeb, they’re just so hard to pull off and get right.

Then, this summer, I started to turn just a little. A friend of mine tried on a black, spaghetti-strapped silk jumpsuit by Rory Beca at The Free Shop in Cape May, and it was freaking adorable. Looked fab on her. I’m still mad she didn’t get it. With huge stacked sandals and two armloads of bangles? Summer perfection. Then I saw another in a store that I considered trying on myself (even though I didn’t). And now, here in front of my eyes is a jumpsuit made exclusively for the purposes of walking down the aisle and getting married in, and I am not batting an eye. I actually think it’s really cute!

It’s from J.Crew’s spring/summer 2014 bridal collection, which is currently available for pre-order. I was just mentioning the other day how lovely I think J.Crew’s wedding gowns are, and this collection is no different. (And speaking of different, I’m also loving their cami-and-ballgown-skirt combos so much—this one and this one—that I kind of want to own them all and wear them separately as, like, non-bridal outfits.)

I’m not as much in love with how it looks from behind, but really: for the right type of wedding, on the right type of bride, I think it’s pretty awesome. They’ve got a real weddings section of their site where they share pics of peeps wearing their wedding getups, and I’m hoping this piece will show up on there soon.

What do you think of it? Are you a bride who would rock that on your Big Day?

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