Bride-to-be Blogger Kristy: We Started the Wedding Registry Process

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Eric and I found ourselves at a home goods store last week in the registry department, armed with a scanner and a basic check list.

We decided to start a registry because we have an engagement party around the corner, and we had an open Wednesday night. Starting a registry is fun and exciting, but can also be a bit overwhelming. I tried doing my homework before venturing through the store, but there’s only so many pots and pan sets you can compare online before surrendering to someone with a bit more expertise. (Then, you still find yourself in the kitchen gadgets section thinking, “What on earth did we do before silicone oven mitts?” Or you spend 10 minutes going back and forth between metallic grey or a white mixer.)

Thankfully, most stores have a guideline checklist (which you can usually view through their website before and print for your use), which I think is a great starting point and keeps you on track. I was able to brainstorm ahead of time, write a few notes about items we already had, cross off the large section labeled “guest bath” because we don’t have one, and star the items I’ve been eyeing up for awhile. I had to laugh to myself a little bit when they said, “Don’t think of registering for your now house, but for your future house.” I tried to think of where I could possibly store half the kitchen gadgets on the list, with my four base cabinets and a storage space full of enough camping gear for a boy scout troop.

Well, even though we only started one registry at one store, I have a list of 10 observations so far that I thought could be helpful and make the process easier and stress-free (and maybe even a little fun)!

1. Bring snacks and drinks. Most stores will provide you with them too, so don’t be afraid to ask.

2. Go on a weeknight. There are less people in the store and you’ll receive more attention. Plus, most stores allow you to stay after hours if needed.

3. Review the checklist beforehand. It will save you time in the long run.

4. Listen to the employees of the store, and ask questions. They work with these products on a daily basis—plus, they know the store layout, in case you can’t find something.

5. Research different registries. You can register with basically any company now—Amazon, Etsy, Registry 360 (which combines multiple registries), Home Depot, etc. Plus, you often receive incentives for registering.

6. Update your list/revisit the store or website. Things go on and off sale, are seasonal, and you might change your mind about the color of your mixer (even after the 10 minute decision).

7. You can return things and delete them off your list. S don’t be afraid to put something on your registry, only to take it off a few days later.

8. Focus your interest into items you’ll appreciate. If you love cooking, register for great pots and pans. If you like camping and doing outdoorsy things, register for a kayak at REI.

9. Listen to each other. Most of the time you’ll agree on whether or not you need a slow cooker, or what color towels to buy (either that, or he just won’t care once you get to that section of the store).

10. Have fun! It’s your dream lis—go to town with it, and, of course, thank those who support it!

What were your first impressions of registering? Anything you wished you had known or done before you went?

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