And, Of Course: There Are Now Uggs For Brides

We'll tell you what we really think.

Uggs For Brides

Here’s the thing. I am no stranger to declaring my love for Uggs. Proudly, and in public, even. They’re not pretty, but they do what they do, and what they do is awesome.

I’m also all for brides having some sort of change of shoes on their wedding day, from Old Navy rubber flip flops to crystal-embellished ballet-flat Manolos, for when the heels have simply got to go. Because honestly, whether it’s a night out at your local bar or your wedding day, if you’re wearing heels, we all know that at some point, they’ve got to go.

But now, Uggs have come up with a special collection just for brides—the “I Do” Capsule Collection with the tagline “Your wedding just got cozier,” for the love—and that’s just not something I think I can get behind. First of all, I am no proponent of embellished Uggs. No crochet, no lacing up, no doohickeys of any sort. Uggs are a functional item only, and there’s just no reason to put lipstick on this particular pig. They’re never going to be pretty. And these styles are covered in iridescent sequins, and God help us, bling. When are you to wear these again? And if you’re not to wear these again, you’re, what, spending money on once-in-a-lifetime Uggs? Please.

And second of all, while it is super cute when a bride who finds herself with a rainy wedding day pulls on her Hunter boots—both for practical purposes and seriously adorable photo opps—these puppies just aren’t going to offer the same quirky charm. They’re pretty much going to get you raised eyebrows and not much else.

But enough about what I think: How about all of you? Think these have staying power? Will they go on your wedding shopping list?

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