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A Pennsylvania Judge Absolutely Eviscerated Trump’s Last-Ditch Election Lawsuit

Judge Matthew Brann equated the Trump campaign’s argument to “Frankenstein’s Monster.” That, plus the other five best quotes from the decision, which has cleared the way for counties across Pennsylvania to officially certify the election results.

mummers strutting during a mummers parade in philadelphia

The Mummers Are Secretly Planning a Parade, Even Though Philly Has Canceled It

philadelphia homocide

Raheem Ikeam Myers Was the City’s 203rd Homicide Victim This Year. This Is His Story.


Inside the Fight to Abolish Police in Philadelphia

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Everything you need to know about the spectacular rise and stunning fall of Terrell Owens can be found in a single place: the Alabama town where he was born

Sure, a lot of people hate Terrell Owens. They say he’s full of himself, self-aggrandized, strutting around the football field like he’s walking on water. […]

It just might be us. Philadelphia. What, exactly, is going on?

The first sign that something big was changing — that the car had finally stopped skidding and we all, blessedly, remarkably, were still in one […]

In her forthcoming memoir, former WYSP deejay Anita Gevinson, the self-described “sex kitten of the airways,” remembers the high times and blurry Philly nights she shared in the early 1980s with the late rocker Warren Zevon

I won’t pretend any of the bad things that are about to happen came as a complete surprise. I knew the difference between the public […]

Get ready for a night on the town with Joey and John — young, loaded, ready to party, and changing the face of Atlantic City. (Just remember: What happens in A.C. stays in A.C., all right?)

He steps out of the cab and into the neon haze of Atlantic City, and his eye contact with the valet quickly leads to one […]

From late icon Bobby Scott to present-day Biddles and Pews, Philadelphia’s elite families share — in their own words — the well-bred secrets of privilege, high stone walls, turtle soup, martinis and, believe it or not, “poontang”

In 1964, when Penn sociologist E. Digby Baltzell coined the acronym “Wasp” in his book The Protestant Establishment: Aristocracy & Caste in America, that ­station-wagon-driving, […]

Two University of Pennsylvania scientists have invented machines that can look into your brain and know when you’re lying. The implications are extraordinary — and pretty scary

Man has sifted truth and lies, it seems, as long as we’ve spoken to each other. Eve ate the snake’s apple, and we haven’t gotten […]

Love, Money, Sex, Cheating: The Real Stories of 10 Philly Marriages

Love, Money, Sex, Cheating: The Real Stories of 10 Philly Marriages

An unfiltered, unvarnished look at what “till death do us part” means now.

Five years after getting booted off the island, Gervase Peterson from ­Survivor is still playing the role of Gervase Peterson from Survivor. It’s nice work, if you can get it 

"WHEN SURVIVOR SEASON one was on the air, we were on the level of A-list celebrities,” says Gervase Peterson. “People were all over us. We […]

What happens when a family of happy atheists turns up a holy child?

"COME HERE, I" call to my son Jake from the front porch. Just as I’ve stepped outside to get the mail, the cordons of pink-tinged clouds to the west, above the peaked roofs of the houses across the street, have parted to let through a vast, angular shaft of pure gold light. “Hurry!” I call again, and he leaves his computer with reluctance, ambling out. “There,” I say, and point.

"COME HERE, I" call to my son Jake from the front porch. Just as I’ve stepped outside to get the mail, the cordons of pink-tinged […]

Mother, football fan, soup promoter; 49; Chicago, Illinois

What’s it take to be a good mom? Well, there’s not a book on that. You just try to do the best you can. When […]

It’s time for Philly to take the lead

FOR ABOUT A week this summer, the most popular article on the New York Times website was a bleating Tom Friedman column that lamented how […]

Philadelphia has been run the same way for 100 years. Why can’t we change that?  

In the spring of 1903, muckraking journalist Lincoln Steffens checked into the St. James Hotel, located at 13th and Walnut streets. At the time, Steffens […]

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Beyond Condoms, Cheese Puffs and Beer: How GoPuff Became Essential

Beyond Condoms, Cheese Puffs and Beer: How GoPuff Became Essential

The company is offering a lesson in adaptability and community partnerships during the pandemic.

They've taken control of the media! What will these idiots do next?

In the weeks after an obscure Philadelphiablogmeister rocked the cable news world by shaming it into covering the disappearance of a young West Philadelphia mother-to-be, […]

Ultra-rich banker Richard Green and his socialite wife Marla skillfully mixed business with marriage. But then came the divorce

On September 13, 2004, Richard Green wrote an e-mail to Manhattan divorce attorney Raoul Felder, the man the New Yorker had four months earlier dubbed […]

A dispute about eminent domain? Well, maybe. But the battle over Ardmore’s downtown is also the weirdest not-in-my-backyard story ever  

Sharon Eckstein was curious, and concerned. The semi-retired attorney and mother of two had read in the local papers about Lower Merion Township’s plan to […]

What about all those other movies made in town? Our resident film expert, Irv Slifkin, weighs in

The Age of Innocence (1993). Martin Scorsese adapts Edith Wharton, with Philly standing in for New York.  bbb Arnold’s Wrecking Co. (1973). An early effort […]

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