Taste: Flour from the Mill at Anselma

An article about delicious and healthy stone-ground flour from the Mill at Anselma

There’s something undeniably romantic about stone-ground flour. The words conjure up images of farmers delivering their wheat in horse-drawn wagons, of 3,200-pound granite millstones turning to the rhythm of a waterwheel, of fresh-baked breads and cakes. The 260-year-old Mill at Anselma, with its intricate wooden gear system and picturesque Chester County setting, fulfills that longing for the pastoral. And then there’s the flour: Head miller David Rollenhagen and the mill’s volunteers painstakingly grind and sift a high-quality product that will remind you where flour comes from. The hearty bread flour, milled from hard spring wheat with a high gluten content, gives each loaf a solid structure and earthy, nutty undertones, while the pastry flour, milled from Pennsylvania-grown winter wheat, is soft and subtle, perfect for pie crusts and shortbread cookies.

$4 for two pounds. 1730 Conestoga Road, Chester Springs, 610-827-1906, anselmamill.org.