Health: Better-For-You Cookies

Use Splenda for half the sugar but all the sweetness

“Christmastime” is synonymous with “cookie time.” Which usually ends up being synonymous with gaining a few pounds and having a hard time buttoning your jeans.

[sidebar]It’s easy to see why. One cup of sugar packs a whopping 768 calories and 192 grams of carbs. But if you or loved ones are watching what you eat this holiday, or have conditions that prohibit high sugar-intake such as type 2 diabetes, try one of Splenda’s low-carb, alternative-sugar recipes. (I’ll be using their Sweet as Sugar Cookies and Just-Like-Mom’s Chocolate-Chip Cookies recipes for a low-carb twist on my two holiday favorites.) A half-cup of Splenda Sugar Blend for Baking, which is equivalent to a full cup of regular sugar, halves the damage to 384 calories and 96 grams of carbs.

Make your sweet treats even more healthful and cut cholesterol by substituting whole eggs for egg whites, and lower fat by swapping in half the called for quantity with applesauce. Tossing in a handful of walnuts will give you a hearty dose of Omega-3 fatty acids, which may lower your risk of heart disease. With feel-good cookies like these, you can still have a sweet treat and fit into that hot little number you bought for New Year’s.