Mayor Parker Clears Up Some Things About Year-Round School in Philadelphia

Don't worry, kids. She's not forcing you to attend all year. Yet. Here's the full list of 25 schools in the pilot program.

Philadelphia Mayor Cherelle Parker, who just announced a list of 25 schools that will be open year round in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Mayor Cherelle Parker, who just announced a list of 25 schools that will be open year round in Philadelphia (image courtesy 6ABC)

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Mayor Parker Says These 25 Philadelphia Schools Will Be Open Year Round

On Thursday, Philadelphia Mayor Cherelle Parker got behind a podium to clear up some confusion about the idea of year-round schooling in Philadelphia. She also offered up some more specifics of what year-round school in Philadelphia will look like.

First thing’s first: There is no compulsory year-round school in Philadelphia on the books for the upcoming school year. Instead, Parker announced a pilot program that includes 25 schools that will offer free programming and free care both before and after the normal school day. Those 25 schools will also be open during winter break and spring break. Plus, there will be summer programming for six weeks. So, basically, the schools are open longer each day and for many more days each year. But none of this is compulsory.

So what are the 25 schools with year-round programming? The official list is below, starting with 20 Philadelphia School District schools, in alphabetical order:

Anderson Elementary
Carnell Elementary
Childs Elementary
Cramp Elementary
Edmonds Elementary
Farrell Elementary
Gideon Elementary
Gompers Elementary
Greenberg Elementary
Juniata Park Academy
Locke Elementary
Morton Elementary
Overbrook Educational Center
Peirce Elementary
Pennell Elementary
Richard Wright Elementary
Solis-Cohen Elementary
Southwark Elementary
Vare-Washington Elementary
Webster Elementary

The Inquirer landed itself a bit of a scoop the other day, citing anonymous sources who provided the above list of schools to the paper. The Inquirer article caught a lot of people by surprise. Among them? Mayor Parker. At Thursday’s event, Parker said she was very frustrated by the leak and the early publication of information. And then she poked fun at the leaker and the paper, saying that they didn’t have the full list of schools.

It turns out that Philadelphia is also offering this same kind of year-round programming at five Philadelphia charter schools. They are:

Belmont Charter
Mastery Charter (Pickett)
Northwood Academy
Universal Creighton Charter
Pan-American Academy

What we still don’t know is what happens after all this goes down in the upcoming year. While campaigning, Mayor Parker promised year-round schools in Philadelphia in the way that the average person would think of when they hear the term year round school, i.e. kids would be forced to go to school all year round instead of taking a long summer break.

Back then, she called the traditional concept of schooling “antiquated” because, as she put it, “Our children are no longer working the farms during the summertime.” And even as recently as May, it sure sounded like the pilot program under discussion was designed to segue into compulsory year-round schooling, at least for some schools. But now, it’s unclear exactly what Parker’s plan is.

Time will tell. But my advice? Enjoy your long, long summer breaks while they last, kiddos.

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