Controversy Erupts After Main Line Cops Tase Black Woman in Wawa Parking Lot

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a video still showing lower merion police confronting a black woman in a wawa parking lot just before they tased her

Lower Merion Police confront the woman in a Wawa parking lot just before they tase her (Image via Fox 29/video embedded below)

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Controversy Erupts After Lower Merion Police Tase Black Woman In Wawa Parking Lot

The Lower Merion Police Department has long been criticized for its treatment of Black people, and an incident from Sunday isn’t helping matters.

A bystander video, first aired by Fox 29, shows Lower Merion police confronting an unarmed Black woman in the parking lot of a Bala Cynwyd Wawa on Sunday, reportedly the result of a traffic infraction. In the video, police can be seen repeatedly demanding the woman get out of the car and telling her to roll down her window.

“You put that window down now, or I’m going to break the window,” one Lower Merion cop yells at her. He then threatens to tase her, a promise later fulfilled by police.

“The cops walked up to her door with a gun pulled and ultimately tased her and dragged her out of the car,” one eyewitness told Fox 29. “How is that appropriate for a traffic stop?”

“I’m feeling frankly embarrassed — humiliated that this is going on in my community,” said another.

According to the Lower Merion Police Department, the cops’ response is under review.

“Officers encountered a non-compliant driver, who actively resisted their followup investigation,” Lower Merion Police superintendent Mike McGrath said in a statement.

No word on the identity of the woman or what charges she is facing.

Fox 29 with more on this story:

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