Here Are 169 Things Johnny Doc Is Accused of Buying With Union Money

From Red Bull to tips at a Barry Manilow concert to a $125 birthday cake at Termini’s. (Hey, at least he has good taste … in cakes.)

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John “Johnny Doc” Dougherty (center) photo via AP. All other images via iStockPhoto. Photo illustration by Alyse Moyer.

Rumors of corruption have been swirling around Philadelphia Electrical Workers union leader John “Johnny Doc” Dougherty and some of his cronies for years, and now those rumors have turned into a full-blown 116-count indictment that names, among others, Johnny Doc and Philadelphia City Councilman Bobby Henon, both of whom could face decades in prison if convicted on all charges.

Representatives of the Department of Justice, the FBI, and other federal agencies announced the explosive allegations on Wednesday morning in Philadelphia. The indictment itself, which appears at the end of this story, is 159 pages long and quite a read. But at the heart of it is this: Johnny Doc is accused of embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars in union funds for his and his family’s own personal use. His lawyer calls the allegations “preposterous.”

Below, a list of some of the things that Johnny Doc is accused of illegally using — or authorizing others to use — his members’ money to pay for. We’ll have more on the Johnny Doc-Bobby Henon connection later.

  1. Noxzema
  2. $2,100 in Bruce Springsteen tickets
  3. Starbucks Frappucinos
  4. A roast beef sandwich with cheese and hot peppers at Nick’s Old Original Roast Beef
  5. Dinner at Famous Dave’s
  6. Q-tips
  7. Hair care products
  8. $2,500 in Boyd’s gift cards
  9. Scented candles
  10. Pam cooking oil spray
  11. Vacations
  12. Transportation to personal appointments
  13. Snow removal at his home in South Philly
  14. Delivery of items to his shore house
  15. Trash removal
  16. Yard work
  17. Furniture moving
  18. Dry cleaning
  19. Sports betting
  20. Gas for cars
  21. Car cleaning
  22. House cleaning
  23. Maintenance at his bar and other properties he owns
  24. Remediation of termites at his home
  25. Repair of a water leak at his home
  26. Installation of a new front door at his home
  27. Work on the home of a family member in Somers Point
  28. Repair of a water leak at the home of a family member
  29. Installation of a window
  30. Installation of a skylight
  31. Bananas
  32. Toothbrush
  33. Toothpaste
  34. Mouthwash
  35. Deodorant
  36. Soap
  37. Shampoo
  38. Conditioner
  39. Sunscreen
  40. Lip balm
  41. Bottled water
  42. Over-the-counter medicine
  43. Coffee machine
  44. Coffee machine pods
  45. Easter decorations
  46. Trash cans
  47. Door mat
  48. Storage tubs
  49. Bath towels
  50. Washcloths
  51. Planters
  52. Scented plug-in air fresheners
  53. Scented plug-in air freshener refills
  54. DVDs
  55. Pressure washer
  56. Cleaning supplies
  57. Diapers
  58. Baby wipes
  59. Laundry detergent
  60. Baby Einstein baby walker
  61. Baby food
  62. Teeth-whitening strips
  63. Razors
  64. Frozen pizza
  65. Children’s clothing
  66. Hats
  67. Vacuum cleaner
  68. Hairbrush
  69. Jeans
  70. Turtleneck
  71. Cashmere sweater
  72. Two Merino wool sweaters
  73. Mattress
  74. Patio chairs
  75. Patio love seat
  76. Firewood
  77. Fire log
  78. Lowe’s gift cards
  79. Washing machine
  80. Dog food
  81. Cocoa Pebbles
  82. Cap’n Crunch
  83. Breakfast bars
  84. Juice
  85. Frozen fruit
  86. Smoothie mix
  87. Bacon
  88. Milk
  89. Bread
  90. Spray cheese
  91. Canned tuna
  92. Soda
  93. Red Bull
  94. SmartWater
  95. Cookies
  96. Tortillas
  97. Tortilla chips
  98. Salsa
  99. Egg rolls
  100. Sirloin steaks
  101. Chuck steaks
  102. Chicken breasts
  103. Barbecue sauce
  104. Frozen vegetables
  105. Makeup-removing towelettes
  106. Body lotion
  107. Hair bands
  108. Exercise pants
  109. Board shorts
  110. A watch
  111. Toilet paper
  112. Brisket sandwiches, potato salad, soup, bagels, cookies and soda from Famous 4th Street Deli
  113. Birthday dinner for himself and family
  114. A $3,972.04 dinner at Old Homestead Steakhouse at the Borgata in Atlantic City
  115. Father’s Day dinner for himself and his family
  116. A $125 birthday cake at Termini’s
  117. A $1,907 dinner at Martorano’s at Harrah’s AC
  118. $406 in crab cakes and other food from the Palm
  119. $216 at Butcher & Singer
  120. Over $1,000 at Matteo’s restaurant in New York during a personal trip to attend the Belmont Stakes horse race
  121. Breakfast sandwiches from Fat Joe’s in South Philly
  122. Eight $150 tickets to see Taylor Swift
  123. Luxury suite seats to see Bette Midler
  124. Kenny Chesney concert tickets
  125. Ten tickets to a Phillies-Dodgers game
  126. Billy Joel tickets
  127. Tickets to Beautiful – The Carole King Musical
  128. A $4,500 luxury suite to a Sixers game
  129. Tickets to a Temple-UConn basketball game
  130. Tickets to a Rihanna concert
  131. $1,192 in Justin Bieber tickets
  132. $1,000 spent on gratuities at various Phillies games
  133. $400 in gratuities at a Barry Manilow concert
  134. $100 in gratuities at a Billy Joel concert
  135. $100 in gratuities at a Zac Brown concert
  136. $100 in gratuities at a Flyers game
  137. Shaving cream
  138. Bath mats
  139. Candy
  140. Magazines
  141. A book
  142. CDs
  143. Dinner at Pietro’s
  144. Cake pans
  145. Pillows
  146. A blanket
  147. Clorox cleaning wipes
  148. Beef hide dog bones
  149. Honey
  150. Paper towels
  151. Lunch at Marathon Grill
  152. A well-done steak, chicken fingers and other food from For Pete’s Sake
  153. Storage boxes
  154. Seven honey-baked hams
  155. A $103 lemon cake from Del Frisco’s
  156. Food at Bridget Foy’s
  157. Mascara
  158. Nail polish
  159. Leggings
  160. Dinner at Bridgewater’s Pub
  161. A $424 order at Francoluigi’s in South Philly
  162. Power washing the sidewalk in front of his home
  163. Futon transportation
  164. Laundry services
  165. Swimming pool maintenance at his shore home
  166. Thousands of dollars in payments to his families members for doing work that the government says they never did
  167. Thousands of dollars in payments to non-family members
  168. $6,400 for an unnamed political official to travel internationally while Johnny Doc was seeking the endorsement of that official for candidates whom Johnny Doc backed
  169. $3,995 so a family member and that family member’s classmate could travel to a basketball tournament in Costa Rica

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