Uber, Lyft Now Legal Across Pennsylvania

Gov. Wolf signed a bill to legalize ride-sharing across the state effective immediately.

Philly’s ride-sharing war is no more. On Friday, Gov. Tom Wolf legalized ride-sharing across Pennsylvania with his signature on Senate Bill 984.

“This bill puts an end to any question about these companies operating in our Commonwealth, especially in Philadelphia,” Governor Wolf said in a release.

The fight to legalize ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft has been a long one.

The Philadelphia Parking Authority and cab industry were some of Uber and Lyft’s first opponents in Philadelphia. Cabbies have filed lawsuit after lawsuit and they’ve expressed their grief over the services in countless protests over the years.

Back in 2014, PPA even impounded vehicles operating under UberX. Most recently, Uber and Lyft were operating under a 90-day reprieve over the summer, but when it expired, the PPA promised a renewed crackdown on the services.

But now, Lyft and Uber are rejoicing and the Pennsylvanians who rely on these ride-sharing services can rejoice, too.



Under the bill, two-thirds of revenue from ride-sharing in Philadelphia will go to the school district and 1.4 percent of gross receipts from fares will go to the PPA.

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