Uber and Lyft Are Illegal Again in Philadelphia

But the ride-hailing services are still operating in the city.

Promotional photos from the press kits of Uber (left) and Lyft

Promotional photos from the press kits of Uber (left) and Lyft

Uber and Lyft are once again illegal in the City of Philadelphia following the expiration of a summer-long reprieve granted by the state legislature.

The bill had required Uber and Lyft to pay 1 percent of their gross receipts to the Philadelphia Parking Authority, which regulates taxis and taxi-like services in the city. Two-thirds of that amount went to the Philadelphia School District, while the PPA kept a third.

“Today we made an emergency filing with the PPA to extend the existing ride-sharing regulations that have been in place since the summer,” an Uber spokesperson said in a statement. “We will continue operating in compliance with these legal requirements. We are hopeful the General Assembly will keep the commitment it has made to take up comprehensive ridesharing legislation in October.”

The PPA did not return a request for comment. Before the expiration, the PPA released a statement: “The General Assembly is in the process of reviewing legislation to permanently legalize TNC service in Philadelphia. In the event that consideration extends beyond the September 30 sunset date of Act 85, the PPA will act in a manner consistent with the best interests of the public. We remain committed to working with all parties involved to quickly resolve this issue and will place a priority on ensuring the safety of all passengers.”

Uber and Lyft, which are legal in the rest of Pennsylvania, are operating as normal in the city currently.