Here Is the Criminal Complaint Against Bill Cosby in the Andrea Constand Case

These court documents shed light on the charge against him.

On Wednesday morning, Montgomery County District Attorney-elect Kevin Steele announced that Bill Cosby has been charged with one count of indecent assault, a first-degree felony. We obtained a copy of the criminal complaint and affidavit of probable cause in the criminal case against Cosby and publish them in full here.

Some notable points and allegations laid out in these court documents:

• An arrest warrant for Bill Cosby was requested on Tuesday.

• Andrea Constand told investigators that she considered Cosby a mentor, and that it was not uncommon for him to invite her to events, including to his home for dinner. She said she had no interest in a romantic relationship with Cosby.

• According to the court documents, Cosby made two sexual advances on Constand prior to the alleged assault. After a private dinner at his home, she says that he touched her pants, waist and inner thigh. She went to leave and says that Cosby gave her a bottle of perfume. During another visit to his home, she alleges that he unbuttoned her pants unexpectedly and touched her.

• She continued her friendship with him after both advances and says that there were other instances in which he did not make advances on her.

• Constand went to police on January 22, 2005. It was then that she told police about an incident at Cosby’s Cheltenham home that she says occurred early in 2004.

• Here is what is alleged to have happened at that meeting, according to court documents: Cosby gave Constand three blue pills and told her to drink some wine, which she did. She told investigators that her vision became blurry and that she found it difficult to speak. Soon, she became “frozen” and “paralyzed,” in her words, but she was aware that Cosby was “fondling her breasts” and that he “put his hands into her pants, and penetrated her vagina with his fingers,” according to the allegations in the court documents. Constand also told police that he took her right hand and put it on his penis, which was erect.

• Constand says she awoke at 4 a.m. to find her bra undone. When she went to leave, Cosby handed her a muffin.

There’s a lot more in the documents, including details about conversations that Constand’s mother had with Cosby and about Cosby’s own statement to police. Read for yourself: