SEPTA Settles With Regional Rail Electric Workers

But negotiations still "tense" with Regional Rail engineers.

Septa regional rail train

CBS Philly reports that SEPTA has come to contract terms with Regional Rail electric workers — but that negotiations remain “tense” with Regional Rail engineers.

If ratified, the electrical workers would get an 11.5 percent raise — this, after a four-year contract dispute.

CBS Philly reports on the engineers:

“We are aware that our brothers in the IBEW have resolved their dispute with SEPTA. However, we remain as far apart as we were when PEB 246 rendered its recommendations. I would not characterize the discussions as negotiations. Our discussions are best described as, ‘tense’,” Stephen J. Bruno, Vice President of Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen, said in a statement.

In June, the engineers and electricians walked off the job together for a day only to be forced back to work a day later by presidential order.