Rushing to Top Up Your SEPTA Key? You’ll Have to Watch This Ad First.

It’s a rare thing, these days, to find a true example of what marketers call a captive audience. It used to be the case that […]

septa turnpike

Here’s Why SEPTA’s Improvement Projects Are Back on Hold — Again

Thirty-seven SEPTA improvement projects, including trolley modernization and the renovation of the City Hall concourse, are back on hold over budgetary concerns. The pause on […]

regional rail

SEPTA Key Will Expand to All Regional Rail Zones Next Month

SEPTA Key has been “rolling out” for what seems like ages now. While it’s become second nature for most Philadelphians to swipe the green debit card for […]


The Pennsylvania Turnpike Is Pretty Much Screwed, Says State Watchdog

Think turnpike tolls are expensive now? They’re expected to triple in under 30 years. Why? Because the state Turnpike Commission is currently $11.8 billion in debt — […]

septa key

Congrats, SEPTA! You’ve Actually Made a Decent Website

SEPTA Key, the new-ish payment mechanism in which you load your subway fare onto a plastic debit card, has always been something of a contradiction: […]

septa map

SEPTA Finally Has Some Maps From the 21st Century

SEPTA’s been around since 1963, and while a good bit has changed over that half-century-long existence, the basic approach of the agency’s transit maps has […]

septa transit police strike

What You Need to Know About SEPTA’s Transit Police Strike

Nearly 200 unionized SEPTA transit police officers went on strike on Wednesday afternoon, and as of Thursday morning, it’s not yet clear when they’ll be […]

septa trolley tunnel blitz

Why Fate of SEPTA’s Big Plans Depends on Outcome of Pa. Turnpike Lawsuit

An ongoing lawsuit against the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission is threatening to derail some of SEPTA’s most ambitious infrastructure projects, including the $1 billion upgrade to […]


The 30th Street SEPTA Station Is Getting a Major Overhaul

The 30th Street Station Market-Frankford Line subway stop is getting fancified. SEPTA is due to receive a $15 million federal grant to modernize the station. […]


Here’s How to Catch One of the SEPTA Holiday Trains

SEPTA is really getting in the spirit this holiday season: The organization is offering at least three festive transportation options, and we’re here for them. […]

traffic congestion transportation plan

5 Takeaways From Philly’s New Anti-Congestion, Pro-Transit Plan

The city just revealed its first ever “strategic” transportation plan — a lengthy report that includes recommendations for increasing safety and efficiency on Philly’s streets, at a time when […]

septa mascot gritty

After Gritty, SEPTA Wants Its Own Damn Mascot

Well, here we are. We thought would make it through a day without another Gritty-related post, even after we saw the new Gritty-inspired cheesesteaks and […]

septa broad street line boy dies boy selling candy

Police: 7-Year-Old Boy Dies After Falling Between SEPTA Subway Cars

A 7-year-old boy died after falling between two subway cars on SEPTA’s Broad Street Line on Sunday evening. Police say the boy fell shortly before 6 […]

bedbugs septa video

Bedbugs on SEPTA: This Video Will Make You Check Your Bus Seat Twice

People love to complain about SEPTA, and we hear those complaints all the time. But one Philadelphia mom’s SEPTA complaint certainly trumps most: She found […]


SEPTA, Amtrak Resume Normal Schedules After Frankford Junkyard Fire

Shortly after 7 p.m Sunday night, a junkyard went up in flames near Torresdale and Adams avenues in Frankford, causing delays on SEPTA and Amtrak […]