Police Union Attacks Christie on Pension Funding

PBA head accuses governor of "sleazy games."

Another day, more headaches for Chris Christie. NJ.com reports:

The head of the state’s police unions today slammed Gov. Chris Christie over some $50 million in what he called “pension giveaways” to local municipalities.

The giveaways, state Policemen’s Benevolent Association head Anthony Wieners said in a scathing release, were gained on the backs of the state’s public sector unions.

“While the governor continues to campaign that the state pension system is ‘unsustainable’ and in need of reform, he himself is intentionally weakening the (Police and Firemen’s Retirement System) by waiving an additional $50 million in local government’s pension obligations,” Wieners said following the release of the PFRS actuary report. “In doing so, he is continuing the same fiscal mismanagement and sleazy games that underfunded the pension fund for over a decade and that led to the situation we are in today.”

Christie’s office responded that his administration has put $5.3 billion into pension funding—double what the state contributed to the fund the previous 10 years.