Penn Students Now Get Condoms for Free

Just one more benefit of an Ivy League education:

In previous years, SHS has been selling packs of 12 condoms for $3. Now when students go up to the cashier, they can get condoms free of charge.

The free condoms are “an attempt to make it as easy as possible for students who want condoms to get condoms,” said Sharon McMullen, Director of Campus Health Initiatives — a division of Student Health. “It’s all about removing barriers.”

In order to notify and encourage all off-campus, graduate and professional students to take advantage of this new service, Student Health Service will be distributing 2,000 postcards – each with a free condom attached – to announce the new changes, said Ashlee Halbritter, Health Educator at Campus Health Initiatives.

Good thing, too, because everybody knows that Penn students pretty much aim to lead the United States in consequence-free sex. It’s good to be elite.