High School Teacher Apparently Driving Around Delco, Drinking Beer with Students

When they were pulled over by police a couple weeks ago, a 17-year old-girl, a 17-year-old boy, and a 33-year-old high school English teacher claimed they had been at the Granite Hill Mall, seeing “The Last Oz.” Just one problem: “The Last Oz” isn’t a real movie. Instead, it appears the trio was having some quintessential suburban fun: taking a boozy joyride.

Katherine Leigh Preusser, 33, an AP English teacher at Ridley High school was in the passenger seat of a car, along with two Ridley students. Joining them for the ride were “three open cans of beer, a metal box containing suspected marijuana, a water bong and a small box of unidentified pills.”

After the cop pulled them over, the male driver said the thing about the movie. And then Preusser repeated the claim, but couldn’t identify what the film was, or who the actors were. Then the girl, who was in the backseat, failed a breathalyzer. And now the teacher’s been charged with supplying alcohol to minors and been suspended from Ridley. This could be a good opportunity for Preusser to create a support group for inappropriately fun-loving suburban high school teachers. [Delco Times]