teacher vacancies

City Controller: Staffing Shortage Could Cause Schools to Lose Funding

Philadelphia City Controller Alan Butkovitz issued a warning on Wednesday that some Philly schools could lose funding because of staffing shortages. First, some background: many schools […]

teacher vacancies

PFT to City Council: Philly Needs More Teachers

Members of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, educators, and experts stood in front of City Council’s education committee yesterday to make a pitch for the city […]


Philly-Area Startup Gets $2 Million from Gates Foundation

A local nonprofit education start-up is on the radar of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. So much so, that the charitable organization is giving Edcamp […]


Bethlehem Area School District Expands Non-Discrimination Policy to Protect Trans Students and Faculty

On Tuesday night, in the East Hills Middle School Auditorium, the Bethlehem Area School District board voted unanimously to add “gender identity and gender expression” to […]


The Brief: Why the Philly Teachers Union’s Endorsement Matters

The Philadelphia Federation of Teachers is, as expected, endorsing former City Councilman Jim Kenney for mayor. PFT president Jerry Jordan will make it official at a press […]

Philadelphia School District Building

Could Caucus of Working Educators Oust PFT Leadership?

City Paper’s Daniel Denvir has a lengthy article today about the Caucus of Working Educators, a 141-member group founded in March that just held its […]


In Hopes of Securing State Funding, Hite Proposes Ending Teacher Tenure

This ought to boost his popularity with the teachers unions! Philadelphia Public Schools Superintendent William Hite has proposed ending teacher tenure and seniority provisions, in […]


High School Teacher Apparently Driving Around Delco, Drinking Beer with Students

When they were pulled over by police a couple weeks ago, a 17-year old-girl, a 17-year-old boy, and a 33-year-old high school English teacher claimed […]


Teacher at Pottstown’s Hill School Fired after Getting Drunk, Acting Creepy on School Trip

Ah, high school spring-break trips abroad. The only thing that could make life more unpleasant for a bored, hormonal pack of bratty teenage tourists in […]


Bullying Starts Early

“That’s so gay.” According to a new report from GLSEN, the word “gay” is being used by kids as early as elementary school – and […]