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christine alonso of the interboro school district board at a black lives matter protest in ridley
City Life

Ugly New Video Emerges of Interboro School Board Official Christine Alonso at BLM Protest

A roundup of Philly news. This article may be updated at any time as new information becomes available. More Trouble for Interboro School Board Treasurer […]

keziah ridgeway
City Life

My Pandemic Story: A Philly Teacher on Inspiring Kids During the Crisis

Published as a part of the “This Is My Pandemic Story” article in the May issue of Philadelphia Magazine. Here, Keziah Ridgeway, teacher of African […]

City Life

I Didn’t Sign Up to Teach Online Classes, But Here I Am

I’ve been a high school and college educator for eight years, and currently teach composition courses at Rutgers Camden. My students, the majority of whom […]

Be Well Philly

Philly-Area Teachers and School Nurses Can Now Get Free Lice Treatment and Screenings

Recently, it has become more and more apparent that bugs are pretty much taking over the world (or at least the Philly area). The presence […]

report card comments
City Life

Here’s What the Feedback on Your Kid’s Report Card Really Means

What do your child’s teachers really mean when they drop their end-of-the-semester feedback? One local elementary-school teacher breaks down actual reports. 1 This kid is […]

Teachers like their jobs
City Life

Money, Time, and Happiness: We Polled Philly Teachers About How Much They Like Their Jobs

Is your job fulfilling? Are the kids you teach happy? If you lucked into a grand, would you spend it on your students or yourself? […]

philadelphia teachers
City Life

We Interviewed 100 Philly-Area Teachers About What It Takes to Raise Happy, Successful Kids

There’s been much chatter in the media about parenting. Or, to be more specific, bad parenting. You can’t scroll too far into your newsfeed without […]

philadelphia schools
City Life

Classroom Confidential: Philly Teachers Tell All

Who knows your children almost as well as you do? The teachers who spend hours with them every day. That’s why we asked 100 of […]

teacher vacancies
City Life

City Controller: Staffing Shortage Could Cause Schools to Lose Funding

Philadelphia City Controller Alan Butkovitz issued a warning on Wednesday that some Philly schools could lose funding because of staffing shortages. First, some background: many schools […]

teacher vacancies
City Life

PFT to City Council: Philly Needs More Teachers

Members of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, educators, and experts stood in front of City Council’s education committee yesterday to make a pitch for the city […]


Philly-Area Startup Gets $2 Million from Gates Foundation

A local nonprofit education start-up is on the radar of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. So much so, that the charitable organization is giving Edcamp […]

City Life

Bethlehem Area School District Expands Non-Discrimination Policy to Protect Trans Students and Faculty

On Tuesday night, in the East Hills Middle School Auditorium, the Bethlehem Area School District board voted unanimously to add “gender identity and gender expression” to […]


The Brief: Why the Philly Teachers Union’s Endorsement Matters

The Philadelphia Federation of Teachers is, as expected, endorsing former City Councilman Jim Kenney for mayor. PFT president Jerry Jordan will make it official at a press […]

Philadelphia School District Building
City Life

Could Caucus of Working Educators Oust PFT Leadership?

City Paper’s Daniel Denvir has a lengthy article today about the Caucus of Working Educators, a 141-member group founded in March that just held its […]

City Life

In Hopes of Securing State Funding, Hite Proposes Ending Teacher Tenure

This ought to boost his popularity with the teachers unions! Philadelphia Public Schools Superintendent William Hite has proposed ending teacher tenure and seniority provisions, in […]