Classroom Confidential: Philly Teachers Tell All

philadelphia schools

We asked teachers from Philadelphia schools to tell us what they really think. Photograph by Stevie Chris

Who knows your children almost as well as you do? The teachers who spend hours with them every day. That’s why we asked 100 of them what it takes to raise happy, successful kids. Here’s how they really feel about parents, principals, technology, testing, homework and more. (Don’t worry, kid. They think you’re great.)

We Interviewed 100 Philly-Area Teachers About What It Takes to Raise Happy, Successful Kids

philadelphia teachers

Philadelphia teachers tell all. Photograph by Stevie Chris

We asked about everything from parental involvement to screen time, from extracurriculars to expectations to sex ed. They had a lot to say. Keep reading here.

Here’s What the Feedback on Your Kid’s Report Card Really Means

report card comments

What do those report card comments really mean? A teacher translates. Photograph by Stevie Chris

What do your child’s teachers really mean when they drop their end-of-the-semester feedback? One local elementary-school teacher breaks down actual reports. Keep reading here.

Money, Time, and Happiness: We Polled Philly Teachers About How Much They Like Their Jobs

Teachers like their jobs

Do teachers like their jobs? What do they think about social media? We asked. Photograph by Stevie Chris

Is your job fulfilling? Are the kids you teach happy? If you lucked into a grand, would you spend it on your students or yourself? We put our teachers on the spot about job satisfaction, money, administrators, how late they burn the midnight oil and more. Keep reading here.

The 40 Best Public High Schools in Philadelphia and the Suburbs

best public schools

Bodine, one of the best public schools in Philadelphia. Mural by Eurhi Jones & Beverly Fisher for the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program. Photograph by Mike Reali.

We crunched the numbers on academic performance and learning environment to bring you the schools at the top of their class. Keep reading here.

Published as “Classroom Confidential” in the September 2019 issue of Philadelphia magazine.