Thank God: $1 Long Island Iced Teas Now Available at All Area Applebee’s

I think we can all agree that 2017 has felt like several nightmarish decades crammed into a single year. And with only 31 days remaining in […]


Pa. Woman, 100, Says Secret to Longevity Is “A Lot of Booze”

A woman in Plains Township — it’s where Pocono Downs is – recently turned 100, and WNEP-TV of Scranton was there to film her. They asked […]

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State GOP Leader Not So Hot on 4 a.m. Bar Closings

Bad news, hard-drinking millennials: It might be a while before you can keep your late-night bar parties going all the way to 4 a.m.: At […]

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Pa. Bill Would Decriminalize Out-of-State Liquor Purchases

The days of cross-border liquor smuggling may be about to end. The Delco Daily Times reports that legislators are proposing legislation that would decriminalize out-of-state alcohol […]

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Pa. Bill Would Decriminalize Transporting Booze Across State Lines

Arthur Goldman may get a bit of redemption after all. You remember Goldman: He’s the Chester County attorney who was accused of bootlegging after he […]

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Pennsylvania May Destroy 2,426 Bottles of Fine Wine

You remember Arthur Goldman, the Chester County attorney accused of bootlegging after he was caught privately procuring and selling fine wines to his friends instead […]

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Anthony Williams, Kenyatta Johnson Defend Pop-Up Beer Gardens

State Sen. Anthony Williams — a likely candidate for mayor — has jumped into the fray over pop-up beer gardens, telling the state Liquor Control […]

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Neighbors Love Pop-Up Beer Gardens

PlanPhilly has a fascinating look at the economics of this summer’s pop-up beer gardens — doing a bit of math, the site says, the gardens […]

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DUI Arrests Are Going Down in Philadelphia, Especially for Millennials

Computer wonk Nate Good recently released a few infographics about DUIs in Philly. Here’s the trend: From April 2013 to the end of the year, […]

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Binge-Drinking Deaths Higher in PA Than NY, NJ, or Maryland

The folks at Keystone Politics point us to this map, the places in the United States where binge-drinking is the deadliest:  

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State Closer to Permitting Private Sales of Beer and Wine

With the state legislative calendar winding down, two competing proposals have emerged to at least partially privatize the alcohol business in Pennsylvania:

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The Checkup: The Sriracha Margarita You Have to Try

• Proving that Sriracha is good on literally everything (even a peanut butter and basil sandwich!), there’s this: a Sriracha margarita made with blended strawberries. […]

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Anti-Privatization Ad Is the Reefer Madness of PA Liquor

It’s the Reefer Madness of booze privatization in Pennsylvania!

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A Watered-Down Booze Bill Could Hit Corbett’s Desk Within Weeks

Looks like no RIP for the PLCB this year. PennLive reports that House majority whip Stan Saylor, formerly a staunch supporter of the full privatization […]

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New Privatization Proposal Would Allow Beer, Wine, Liquor be Sold In Same Store

PennLive reports on a new liquor privatization proposal put together by the Pennsylvania Retail Federation, Pennsylvania Food Merchants Association, Pennsylvania Business Council “and a group representing […]