House Passes Bill to Permit Out-of-State Booze

No more Philly bootleggers?



Philly, you’re one step closer to buying alcohol in New Jersey or Delaware, then bringing it home.

PennLive reports the Pennsylvania House voted today to strike down the prohibition against bringing booze bought out-of-state back home across state lines. Philly residents, a stone’s throw away from two state lines, were thought to be particularly vulnerable to the law.

Under state law, violators can be fined $10 per bottle or can of beer and $25 per container of wine or liquor. The bill was sponsored by Rep. John Taylor, the Philly Republican who earlier this week told a House committee: “I do not want to continue to subject my constituents to being criminals because they may purchase alcohol a quarter of a mile from their house.”

The bill now goes to the Senate for approval.