The Checkup: Your Drunk Personality Isn’t Really That Different From Sober You

And more healthy reads to get you through the weekend.

• You might think you behave wildly different than your sober self after a couple of margaritas, but new research published in Clinical Psychological Science found that others might not perceive your drunk personality to be all that different from sober you. We can’t decide if this is a good thing or a bad thing. [Science of Us]

• HOLD THE PHONE: Apparently — despite everything you might think — nut butters aren’t a great post-workout snack. Turns out all the fat can do your digestive system dirty. [Byrdie]

• 28 days — that, my fickle friends, is how long you need to give a skin product to tell if it actually works. [Well + Good]

• The counterintuitive way to burn more calories during yoga? Slow down. [Women’s Health]

• And speaking of getting more out of your workouts, coffee can give you quite the kick in the pants, a new study shows. [Men’s Health]

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