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Gift Guide: Homemade Gin

Home distilling isn’t generally legal in the United States but that doesn’t mean you can’t play around with spirits in your own home. The Homemade […]

Be Well Philly

The Checkup: The Waist-Friendly Guide to Ordering at Chipotle

• Love chipotle more than life itself? This should come in handy: Your guide to ordering your burrito (or bowl, or salad) like a bonafide […]

Be Well Philly

The Checkup: Study Says There Are Four Drunk-Personality Types — Which One Are You?

• This might be just the reminder you need to not overdo it on the booze tonight: A new study out of the University of […]


3 Reasons Alcohol at Work is No Biggie

I’ve been watching a lot of Mad Men lately, and while the smoking and sexual harassment in the Madison Avenue 1960s looks archaic by today’s […]


Pa. Woman, 100, Says Secret to Longevity Is “A Lot of Booze”

A woman in Plains Township — it’s where Pocono Downs is – recently turned 100, and WNEP-TV of Scranton was there to film her. They asked […]

City Life

State GOP Leader Not So Hot on 4 a.m. Bar Closings

Bad news, hard-drinking millennials: It might be a while before you can keep your late-night bar parties going all the way to 4 a.m.: At […]

City Life

Should Philly Bars Stay Open Till 4 a.m.?

Is the way to the hearts of Philadelphia millennials through their alcohol-soaked livers? Rep. Jordan Harris thinks so — the Philly Democrat this week said […]

City Life

State Senator: Ban Powdered Alcohol in Pennsylvania

Last month, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board decided it would not sell powdered alcohol products in its Fine Wine & Good Spirits stores. “While we […]

City Life

PA House Passes Liquor Privatization, 114-87

The Pennsylvania House passed a bill Thursday to privatize the state-run liquor system by a vote of 114-87. Here’s how the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board would be […]

City Life

Pa. Bill Would Decriminalize Out-of-State Liquor Purchases

The days of cross-border liquor smuggling may be about to end. The Delco Daily Times reports that legislators are proposing legislation that would decriminalize out-of-state alcohol […]

City Life

Bars Used to Be Closed on Election Day in Pennsylvania

It’s election day! You should be elated to have the freedom to vote today — and then to head to the bars afterward. It’s not a […]


Just Another Reason To Go Out And Drink Gin

As if you needed another reason, right? As if the siren song of that most misunderstood of white liquors wasn’t already powerful enough. But if […]


100 Percent of High Schoolers Attend Football Game Sober

Ah, high school football. The tradition, the camaraderie, the breathalyzer tests you have to pass to get in. At a Phoenixville Area High School football […]

City Life

Pa. Bill Would Decriminalize Transporting Booze Across State Lines

Arthur Goldman may get a bit of redemption after all. You remember Goldman: He’s the Chester County attorney who was accused of bootlegging after he […]

City Life

Pennsylvania May Destroy 2,426 Bottles of Fine Wine

You remember Arthur Goldman, the Chester County attorney accused of bootlegging after he was caught privately procuring and selling fine wines to his friends instead […]