Pa. Woman, 100, Says Secret to Longevity Is “A Lot of Booze”

A woman from Plains Township, Luzerne County, had a great response to a TV station that asked how she got to her 100th birthday.

A woman in Plains Township — it’s where Pocono Downs is – recently turned 100, and WNEP-TV of Scranton was there to film her. They asked her how she lived so long, and she had a great answer:

She says the secret to her longevity is “a lot of booze.”

Does it get any better than that?

Seriously. I wouldn’t take her statement as an exhortation to drink to excess, but it’s certainly something you can comfort yourself with the next morning after drinking too much. “Boy, that was a rough night. So rough, maybe I’ll live to 100!”

On a side now, WNEP-TV uses this incredible dance remix of the Action News theme, “Move Closer to Your World,” which Wikipedia says is a 1994 remix.

Perhaps another way to live longer is by listening to this amazing song hundreds of times in a row. I will try that out today.

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