The Craft Distilling Boom Is Here

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Local spirits are pouring out all over the region | La Colombe’s rum distillery in Fishtown

Just a year ago, we wrote a guide to local distilling that talked about eight local distilleries. In updating that list we came up with 24 distilleries within 100 miles of City Hall that are worth a trip.

These distilleries, some no bigger than a garage (actually at least a couple are in old garages) to several that are designed with room to really grow are proof that craft distilling is here in a big way. And what we found is that these distilleries are putting out really good stuff. In fact, Dad’s Hat Rye was named Whisky Advocate’s Whisky of the Year for 2015. So we’re not talking good for a local distillery, we’re talking about world class stuff.

Among the highlights, the gorgeous old carriage house that houses New Liberty Distilling. The DIY single rooms of Cooper River and Rowhouse Distilling. And then there is the “these guys are distilling in their basement” vibe at Red Brick Distilling to the “these people have big plans” of Manatawny Still Works in Pottstown. Which conveniently, like many of the distilleries out there, is located next to a brewery (Sly Fox in Manatawny’s case).

So get some friends, name a designated driver and head out on a road trip.

Here are the local distilleries worth visiting. 24 of them, and that number will keep growing.

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