Michael Nutter Likes His Eggs Sunny-Side Up

But if you're going to Wawa, he'll take a turkey Shorti. Plus, our 98th mayor dishes on seeing Prince in Upper Darby, the Roots' musical stylings and his ultimate chill spot.

My name is … Michael Nutter.

I am a … mayor.

The chances of me ever working in the White House … are zero.

When I want a candy bar, I eat a … Hershey’s chocolate bar. Without nuts.

My advice to the next mayor of Philadelphia … is to be strong.

The most famous person on my cell phone … is probably Michael Bloomberg.

If you see me grilling, I’ll be drinking a … chardonnay or lemonade.

My most non-mayorly talent other than rapping … is putting together a playlist.

The best Arnold Schwarzenegger movie is … Are there any?

I try to teach my daughter that … everyone deserves respect.

When I just want to chill out … I go into the basement and watch a movie.

My standard Wawa order is … a turkey Shorti with mustard and sweet peppers.

The thing that black people and white people don’t understand about each other … is each other.

The most powerful person in Philadelphia … is my wife.

The best concert I ever went to was … Prince at the Tower. He was incredible. The movement. The music. He was running around all over the place.

One TV show I am embarrassed to say I watch is … What Not to Wear.

If you want to challenge me to a game that you will win … make it chess. I’ve been getting beat by fourth- and fifth-graders a lot lately.

I like my eggs … sunny-side up. With turkey bacon.

The last time I pulled an all-nighter … was probably the Occupy situation last year.

The best Philadelphia politician ever was … Bill Gray. He broke through a lot of barriers, rose to a very high level in Congress, and really encouraged a lot of African-Americans to pursue elected office and stood by them. It’s a model that has never fully been replicated.

If I could change one and only one thing about Philadelphia … I would eliminate violence.

The last book I read in its entirety was … Game Change. Last summer.

The most beautiful spot in Philadelphia … is Belmont Plateau.

If I had a vanity license plate, it would read … MAN. My initials.

One song I always turn up is … “The Fire,” by the Roots. It’s got one hell of a beat and a great message.

My favorite hymn is … “Amazing Grace.” It’s about how life can twist and turn for you. It’s uplifting but at the same time a reminder that we can fall on hard times. It’s about redemption, the power of redemption.

If Romney wins in November … heaven help us.

My daughter is always telling me … “You just don’t understand.”