Do Bisexuals Drink More?

A new study says so

Photo by Think Stock

A new study says that bisexuals drink more than (gasp) gay people. Why? It’s not easy being attracted to both sexes, apparently.

The study talked to several thousand college students who came clean about their drinking habits and sexuality. And according to the study, the bisexuals lifted more than everyone else.

“Bisexuals and students whose sexual orientation was in flux reported the heaviest drinking and most negative consequences from alcohol use, such as uncontrolled drinking and withdrawal symptoms,” says Amelia Talley, Missouri University assistant professor of psychological sciences. “Those groups reported drinking to relieve anxiety and depression at higher rates than strictly heterosexual or homosexual individuals. One possible explanation is that people who aren’t either completely heterosexual or homosexual may feel stigmatized by both groups.”

Males tended to define themselves as either heterosexual or homosexual. Talley speculates that this may be because many males aren’t aware that being “mostly straight” is a feasible alternative. Even a small degree of sexual attraction to other males may cause a young man to feel anxiety about his sexual identity due to strict masculine gender norms.

“Organizations could put our findings to use by providing a support network to help young people avoid using alcohol to cope with stress as they define their sexual identity,” he says.