Watch: 12-Year-Old Supports Moms

Isak Atkins-Pearcy tells his story

Twelve-year-old Isak Atkins-Pearcy is just a kid. He likes to be silly, play outside with his dog Bingo, eat donuts, read and spend time with his family. He also recently participated in a video project in support of his two lesbian moms.

“I think in a world where everything is right, you could love anyone you wanted to,” says the pre-teen. He’s hoping the video will show people that his family is just like any other – and that they deserve the same rights in his home state of North Carolina where a constitutional amendment is up for vote next month that would recognize only partnerships between one man and one woman.

“Kids are more open-minded and they know this isn’t right,” he says. “If every kid got two adults to vote – that’s a lot of people.”

Check it out: