Dear G Philly: Answering Reader Questions

You ask. We tell.

My brother has decided to come out this season by bringing his boyfriend to Christmas with our family. I’ve known for years that he’s gay, but I seriously think my parents have no clue. I’m a little apprehensive about him making the big announcement on the holidays, but he’s serious about it. Is there any advice you can give the rest of us?

Coming out on Christmas is certainly a big deal – and one that everyone will likely remember for many years to come. For your brother, it may be a good way of reaching everyone in one swoop, though there is something to be said for taking some private time with family and friends. But it sounds like your brother has been out for awhile and that he’s happy with his boyfriend. Depending on how he plans on telling your parents, just try and stay by his side. He may be opting to keep things simple by using the introduction of his boyfriend to let the cat officially out of the bag. If so, keep it real, be supportive and don’t hit the bourbon “too” much. And by all means, have a very merry Christmas and be grateful for the honesty this holiday season.

Is it wrong to regift? I received something recently that I have no use for, but I think my friend will love it. Is it so wrong to regift something?

The key to regifting is making sure that the person who is receiving the gift will actually appreciate it – and that you don’t accidentally regift it to the person who originally gifted it to you (take our word for it – it happens). Another consideration to make: Don’t regift something simply because you haven’t had time to go shopping. If you really believe that a friend would get more mileage out of something you received – pass it on. But ask yourself: The friend who’s getting the gift doesn’t know the person who gave you the gift, right?

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