Threats Keep Penn State’s McQueary From Coaching Tomorrow

Plus: Ali in town for Frazier's services, a PA D.A. seeks the death penalty, how the Dems won Delco, and more of what the city is talking about today

Threats Keep McQueary From Coaching. Mike McQueary—the wide receivers coach of the Penn State football team—will not be at tomorrow’s game against Nebraska because the school has received multiple threats targeted at the former graduate assistant. [The 700 Level]

Muhammad Ali Will Be in Philly for Smokin’ Joe’s Services. Today there will be a viewing for Joe Frazier at the Wells Fargo Center; there will be a private funeral on Monday. Muhammad Ali will be in town for the services honoring his late rival. [FOX 29]

Northampton County D.A. Seeks Death Penalty. The district attorney in Northampton County, Pennsylvania is seeking the death penalty for an accused cop killer set to head to trial in February. [6 ABC]

How Democrats Won Delco. Some dirty pool by the GOP campaigns might have helped the Dems take control of Delaware County. [Daily News]

Police Shoot Man in His Own Home. Philadelphia police responded to a burglary call on Wednesday in the Southwest section of the city. When they got to the scene on Christian Street an officer shot a man they thought was a home intruder. Now it looks like he owns the house. He’s in stable condition at HUP. [6 ABC]

Occupy Philly May Hold Up Construction. Occupy protesters have yet to answer city officials on whether or not they’ll cooperate and move their shanty town elsewhere when it comes time to begin construction at Dilworth Plaza. Officials are worried they might have to push back the start date of the work. The public space is scheduled for a major facelift that will eventually include an ice rink during the winter. [CBS 3]