A Little Chilly?

According to meteorologists, it's the coldest it's been in two years. Plus Anna Verna's career plans, Septa's new trains, the truth about bike culture, and more of what Philly's talking about today

Anna Verna Won’t Seek Re-Election. The most-senior city employee stands to collect about $585,000 in DROP payment. Ugh. [MyFoxPhilly.com]

Airport Plan Uproots Tinicum Township Residents. Seventy-two homes are set to be demolished to make space for a $5.2 billion airport expansion. The real kicker here? Millions of taxpayer dollars just went into these homes to reduce the noise from flyovers. So much for long-term planning. [Daily News]

Septa Needs $250 Billion. This week, the Septa board will vote on whether to take out a loan to pay for 120 fancy new Silverliner trains, which were ordered in 2007 for the Regional Rail lines. [CBS3]

Speaking of Septa … Listen closely. The sort-of-creepy voice of the Broad Street Line has changed to be slightly less creepy. [Citypaper]

Bikes Create Jobs. The City Fix reports that creating a bicycle infrastructure in Philadelphia would create more jobs than road maintenance projects. But will it stop assholes from riding on the sidewalk? That’s what the Scoop wants to know. [Philebrity]

For the Love of God, It’s Freezing Out There. The coldest it’s been in two years. [6ABC]