The Great Philly Mag Centennial Quiz

So just how much of a “local” are you, really?

6. What town was home to the first Wawa store, opened in 1964?
     a) Wawa, Delaware County
     b) Unionville, Chester County
     c) Folsom, Delaware County
     d) Oley, Berks County

7. Which thirtysomething cast member was an actual Philadelphian?
     a) Ken Olin
     b) Mel Harris
     c) Peter Horton
     d) Melanie Mayron

8. The creepily medieval Eastern State Penitentiary opened in 1829. When was its last inmate discharged?
     a) 1891
     b) 1945
     c) 1971
     d) 1982

9. Which Philadelphia Orchestra conductor was parodied in a Bugs Bunny cartoon?
     a) Carl Pohlig
     b) Leopold Stokowski
     c) Eugene Ormandy
     d) Riccardo Muti

10. What city did the Sixers franchise, then known as the Nationals, move from in 1963?
     a) Newark
     b) San Francisco
     c) Syracuse
     d) Toledo